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It all begins with an idea… and then you need funding! Maybe you want to launch a business, film a documentary, conduct important research, or get really hands-on in a project.

We have built a robust framework for how to evaluate these people and their
proposals that we may support.


Each project must meet the below criteria at a minimum, and these details must be
included in your proposal:

  • Raise significant awareness and provide education on the issue

  • Have a positive, measurable, and sustainable impact on the issue

  • Have a proven track record of impact and awareness with potential for growth

  • Be scalable to allow expansion of your impact, with clear goals and targets

  • Not harm any people, animals, communities, or ecosystems

  • Have transparency of the above outcomes and use of financial resources, to allow accountability

If you have a project that needs funding or some other type of support, submit it to us here and we will evaluate how we can help.

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting!

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